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NYB Tournament Rules


2017 Spring and Summer Baseball Events

Revised: November 2016 and Subject to Change

If a team is found to be using sunflower seeds the head coach will be ejected.

Policies and Procedures

1. Noblesville Youth Baseball tournament management treats all teams with fairness.  If questions or disputes arise about policies and procedures, coaches shall bring to the attention of the Tournament Director to be dealt with. Any interpretation and decision of the Tournament Director shall be final and judgment calls by Tournament Director are final.  Rule interpretation will be decided by the Tournament Director.  On field calls by Umpires are final, no protests to on field calls.

2. Professional umpires have been assigned to each game for age levels 9-12. Coaches should treat them with respect. With regard to on-field calls, the decision of the umpires shall be final.  NYB uses 1 umpire on tournament games. 2 Umpires may be used on semi final and final depending on local availabilty.

3. If teams have turned insurance and payment, there is no need to check in before the game.  If team officials have questions please direct them to Bobby's Bullpen before your first game.

4. The birthday cutoff is May 1. Teams shall have player birth certificates readily available upon request of the Tournament Director. Questions of age eligibility shall be brought to the attention of the Tournament Director. Such matters will be investigated and resolved as quickly as possible. A team found using an ineligible player will forfeit all games that ineligible player played. The forfeit score shall be 7-0 for tiebreaker purposes.

5. Teams shall arrive on site 45 minutes prior to scheduled start time. If the previous game finishes early, teams may be asked to begin play earlier than scheduled. If a team fails to field 9 uniformed players at game time, the Tournament Director may issue a forfeit victory. The team that wins the game by forfeit will be credited with a 7-0 victory for tiebreaker purposes. 

6. The home team for pool games is the second team listed on Tourney Machine. NO COIN FLIP IS NEEDED.

7. There will be no infield practice. Teams are allowed to play catch in the outfield area if the time allows. Never do flip drills into fences or step on foul lines.

8. Both teams shall report the final score to the Tournament Director immediately following each game. Since tiebreakers often come into play, accurate score reporting is critical. The event staff will provide scorecards to be turned in after each game.

9. If a tiebreaker is needed to determine playoff teams (wildcards, etc.), the following tiebreakers shall be used:

            a. Overall won-lost record

            b. Head-to-head (only applies when two teams are involved)

            c. Least number of runs allowed throughout the tournament

            d. Total runs scored

            e. Coin Flip


10. The Tournament Director may modify the number or length of games when necessary due to weather, field, or scheduling issues. This includes modifying the time limit if games get backed up.

11. Each team shall provide one parent to assist with scoreboard operation, etc. as needed.

12. There will be a “zero tolerance” policy for any alcohol or tobacco anywhere within the confines of the tournament venues.

Playing Rules

The official playing rules for the tournament shall be the NFHS (high school) rules with the following exceptions:

9u division
  There is no advancing on a dropped third strike.  Base runners cannot steal until the pitch has crossed the plate.  There is a six run max per inning until the sixth inning. 

Length of Game

Ages 9-12 will play 6 innings

Extra Players

Teams will use a continuous batting order. This means all players in uniform (unless injured) must be in the batting order. If a team has 12 or more players present, they bat 12. There is no penalty for having less than 12. If a team has less than 12 players present and an additional player arrives late, that player must be inserted into the last spot in the batting order.

If one of the teams has less than 12 batters to start the game, the other team has the option of matching the same number of batters. This “mirror rule” prevents teams with a larger roster from playing at a disadvantage.

If a team has more than 12 players present, they have the option of batting as many players as they want. If a team chooses to start a game batting more than 12, they must finish the game batting the same number of players they started the game batting.

There is a free substitution among the players listed on the batting order. There is no designated hitter.

Pitching Limitations

All NYB Tournaments will follow the Pitch Smart Guidelines set forth by Major League Baseball.  

MLB Pitching Guidelines

It is important for each league to set workload limits for their pitchers to limit the likelihood of pitching with fatigue. Research has shown that pitch counts are the most accurate and effective means of doing so.  A coach that cannot prove, if questioned, that these guidelines have been followed may be ejected from the tournament.
Pitching Logs:

All coaches must upload their pitcher's # of pitches after each game at

0 Days 1 Days 2 Days 3 Days 4 Days
7-8 50 1-20 21-35 36-50 N/A N/A
9-10 75 1-20 21-35 36-50 51-65 66+
11-12 85 1-20 21-35 36-50 51-65 66+
13-14 95 1-20 21-35 36-50 51-65 66+
15-16 95 1-30 31-45 46-60 61-75 76+
17-18 105 1-30 31-45 46-60 61-75 76+
19-22 120 1-30 31-45 46-60 61-75 76+

Coaches may "finish the batter" and not have pitches count that go over the limit.  

Bat Restrictions

There are no bat restrictions for NYB tournaments.

Time Limits

The start time shall begin with the first pitch. The home plate umpire or his designee shall monitor the official time. No innings will start after 1 hour and 45 minutes during pool and bracket play .   No inning will start after 1 hour 45 minutes in championship games (unless the Tournament Director deems it necessary due to weather or scheduling issues).

In bracket play once an inning starts, it must be completed. The official time is ended when the third out of the bottom of the inning is recorded. If the home team is ahead when the time limit is reached, the game is over and the bottom half of the last inning shall not be played.

The Tournament Director reserves the right to modify the time limit for pool games in the event of weather or scheduling issues. 

Mercy Rules (for all age groups)

  • 12 runs after 3 innings
  • 10 runs after 4 innings
  • 8 runs after 5 innings

Base Distances and Field Dimensions

Every effort will be made to make sure base distances, pitching distances, and field dimensions are accurate. At Noblesville Youth Baseball, as with many different public and private facilities, dimensions are sometimes slightly off. So long as the field dimensions are reasonable and the same for both teams, play shall not be stopped to reinstall bases or pitching rubbers.

7u & 8u- 60ft bases
9u &10u- 65ft bases 46ft mound
11u & 12u- 70ft bases 50ft mound

Metal Spikes

Metal spikes are not allowed in age groups 7-12.

Tie Games

            Pool play games:  Pool play games - tie breakers - Games will end in a tie at the completion of inning after time has expired. 

            Games that have completed their designated innings for the game prior to the expiration of time will play 1 inning of the tiebreaker as noted below.  If after one inning of the tiebreaker results in a tie, game will end in a tie and no further tiebreaker innings will be played.

            Elimination Rounds:  If a game is tied after the time limit expires or when the regulation innings have been completed, we will use the following tiebreaker:

            Tiebreaker:  Each team will start the inning with a man on second base and 1 out. The base runner will be the last batted out from the previous inning. Each batter will start with a 1-1 count.

Intentional Walks

There will be no pitches thrown to intentionally walk a batter. Notify the umpire, and the batter will be awarded first base.

Courtesy Runners

Courtesy runners are optional at any time for the pitcher and catcher. The courtesy runner shall be a player not currently in the lineup OR the last batted out. The pitcher or catcher for this rule is the pitcher or catcher of the previous inning. If this situation arises in the first inning and no outs have been recorded, the pitcher or catcher shall remain on the bases until an out is recorded.


If a player is ejected during a game, the name of the player will remain in the batting order and count as an out when the batting order reaches that player. If a player or coach is ejected from a game, he will serve a one game suspension. The suspension must be for the next game the team plays. If a player or coach is ejected he must leave the field and adjacent area in a timely manner. If this does not occur, the player or coach in player can be barred from the facility at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Injuries and Early Departures

If a player becomes injured (as ruled by the umpire) and is unable to continue playing, his spot in the batting order shall be skipped with no penalty. Once the injured player leaves the batting order, he is done for the remainder of that game.

Balks (NEW)

In the 9U division, there are no balks. In all other divisions there are no balk warnings.


Batting Cages during tournament hours

Batting cages are for team warm ups.  Time limit for teams is 20 minutes during tournament hours.  1 cage per team please.   All rules must be followed, see Park Rules for batting cage rules and use.


Noblesville Youth Baseball has electronic scoreboards with control pads located in the towers behind the fields.  


The first update on weather will be made on twitter @nybinfo.  Please have parents download the Tourney Machine app at

In the event that tournament is shortened due to weather, a credit for games lost may granted for a future NYB Tournament.  If a team plays at least two games, no credit will be offered.


Game played is defined as 2 innings or 1~1/2 if Home team is winning when they come to the plate for the second time.   Any games shortened by weather, teams must submit their scores at the time the game was called.

Field Status

Open Open

White River North Grass (11:08 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

White River South Grass (11:08 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

Hinkle Creek Elementary School (10:35 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

Hinkle Creek Diamond (11:06 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

Stony Creek Elementary School (10:35 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

Stony Creek Diamond (11:07 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

North Elementary School (10:36 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

North Diamond (11:07 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

North Grass (11:07 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

Hazel Dell Elementary School (10:36 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

Overflow Grass (11:03 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

North Grassy Area (11:06 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

Noble Crossing Elementary School (10:37 AM | 03/21/17)

Open Open

Noble Crossing North Grass (11:07 AM | 03/21/17)