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The NYB Board of Directors has a great responsibility to ensure the league functions well, stays on budget and year over year increases the value of the baseball product provided.  NYB could not exist without the long list of volunteers below.

If you are interested in joining the Board of Directors, click here to email the President or CLICK HERE for more information on the Advisory Board.

Executive Board
 Name Position Phone Email
 Jeremy Johnson
President 317-379-1008 Click To Email
 Chris Whalen
Vice-President317-201-5113Click To Email
 Andrew Meyer Program Director 317-236-9406 Click To Email
 Zach Zavac Executive Director 317-628-2060 Click To Email
 Adrienne Colla 
Secretary 330-774-3079 Click To Email
 Phil Michael Treasurer 317-698-9479 Click To Email

Working Board
 Name Phone Email
 Marc Crandall  317-363-8525  Click To Email
 Kevin Milam  317-385-1126  Click To Email
 Brandon Mills  317-850-5766  Click To Email
 David Leyda
 317-753-5770  Click To Email
 Andrew Cornell
 Click to Email
 Austin Hart 765-210-1954 Click To Email
 Jeremy Hochstedler 317-999-7559 Click To Email
 Jeff Beaver 614-554-4727 Click To Email
 Krysten Armour 317-289-7786 Click To Email
 Brian Snider 317-445-9199 Click To Email
 Marc Hill 317-670-7995 Click To Email
 Jeremy Bremer 317-384-5431 Click To Email
 Jared Nobbe
 812-614-0219 Click To Email
 Holly Gillam
 317-443-8590 Click To Email
 Corey Bolen  Click To Email
 Meghan Ryan 317-677-6090 Click To Email
 Ashlin Hadden  317-771-9185 Click To Email
 Andrew Meyer  317-236-9406 Click To Email 
 Matt Light  317-430-2893 Click To Email
 Natalie Scheidler  317-413-5356 Click To Email
Advisory Board
 Name Phone Email
 Andy Canady 317-833-5836 Click To Email
 Tom Tocash 317-514-8127 Click To Email
 Darren Bauer 317-654-7762  Click To Email
 Tim Cortrecht 317-847-1588 Click To Email
 AJ Strauss 317-502-8683 Click To Email
 Tom Blankenship 843-269-4737 Click To Email
 Brian Hauke 317-691-3288 Click To Email
 Jeremy Robinson  Click To Email
 Kenny Wilson   Click To Email
 Lance Dardeen 812-760-5945 Click To Email
 Mike Wieczorek  Click To Email
 Casey Rusk 812-599-1468 Click To Email
 Nathan Press 630-400-1704 Click To Email
 Todd Hillard 317-363-2598 Click To Email
 Brett Fisher 317-473-5007 Click To Email
 Michael Turner 765-516-2168 Click To Email
 Jamie Magee 317-628-9149 Click To Email
 Mike Cisternino 317-306-1988 Click To Email

Program Director
Andrew Meyer Click To Email
T-Ball 3 & 4 Year Old Phil MichaelClick To Email
5 Year OldMichael Turner
Click To Email 
Jeremy Bremer
Click To Email
1st GradeJared Nobbe Click To Email
2nd Grade Marc HillClick To Email
3rd Grade Holly GillamClick To Email
4th Grade Meghan RyanClick To Email
5th & 6th Grade
Brian SniderClick To Email


The purpose of the Advisory Board is to serve as an advisory body of the corporation (Board of Directors).  Terms are one year.  Members are non-voting.

• Influence the donation of significant resources to NYB;
• Introduction of any and/all proposals for changes to Organizational Structure, League Policies, and Operational Structure;
• Attend and bring others to special events;
• Raise the profile of NYB within the region;
• Provide guidance/feedback to the Chairperson and/or Chief Executive Officer;
• Introduce others to NYB;
• Help lead the organization through constant improvement and implementation of our mission; and
• Fulfill duties as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors for the success of NYB.

If you are interested in joining the Advisory Board, plan to attend our next Q&A Session:
Click here for the schedule

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