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In the event of adverse weather the quickest way to be notified of cancellations is by following us on Social Networking:
@NYBinfo or Facebook NYB on Facebook

We are no longer able to send out mass notification text messages.


REMINDER:  A late fee of $20 goes into affect for any registration on/after February 18th

Noblesville Baseball offers youth baseball programs for children from the ages of to 12 years of age. We have programs that focus on various levels of skill and competition. Children ages 3 and 4 will play tee ball. Players from 5 years old through 2nd Grade will play coach overhand pitch. Players from 3rd grade to 6th grade will play kid pitch. The rules for each of these leagues can be found on the Rules page.

The following structure has been adopted by the NYB Board for the In-House program. It is our intent to match the players by age and grade level. All players will play in their current grade level. We realize many parents would like to place siblings on the same team for convenience, unfortunately, this request cannot be accommodated. We feel placing players in their correct age and grade level offers the best possible experience for all involved.

Registration begins in December and ends March 1st with teams being formed in late March to early April. The season consists of approximately 12 - 15 games starting in April and running thru June. Each team will practice usually once per week depending on game schedules. Games are held during the evenings during the week and all day on Saturdays.

2024 Tentative Schedule Bullet Points:

  • Teams will have practice 1 to 2 times per week, which is selected by each individual coach after the Coaches Meeting in early March.

  • No games on Sunday.  (All Star game would be the only exception - May 19th)

  • There are 4 Saturdays, 4/13, 4/27, 5/4, 5/18.  All teams will play 1 game on each of those Saturdays

  • Last week of Season for Tball thru Kindergarten:  Wk of 5/13

  • 5th/6th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st will each have 1 Friday night game.  All other ages will not unless rainouts

  • Tentative 1st round of playoff games start 5/28

  • Tentative Championship games are all on 6/10


AGE GROUP SPECIFIC INFO in addition to the Rec Saturdays noted above

  • T-ball - All Games on Mondays

  • 5yr - No Fri/Mon. Majority Wednesdays with a few Tuesdays.

  • Kindergarten - Mostly Tues/Weds (Possibly 1 Monday game)

  • 1st - No Tue/Th games. 1 Friday game (5/??) all other games on WEDS.

  • 2nd - No Tue/Wed/Th games. 1 Friday game (5/??) All games on Mondays

  • 3rd - No Tue/Th games. 1 Friday game (5/3). All games on MON.

  • 4th - No Tue/Th games. 1 Friday game (4/26). Two Tues games, Two Thurs games, a Mon & a Fri game.

  • 5th /6th - No Tue/Th games. 1 Friday game (4/12 which is OPENING NIGHT 7:30 start after ceremony) 1 Monday game; All other games Wednesdays.

Baseball Fee - $50
Indians Knot Hole Ticket - $16
*Concession Stand Deposit - $35
*Fundraising Deposit - $30

* The Concession Stand Deposit is returned if you work a two-hour shift in the Concession Stand.
* The Fundraising Deposit is returned if you participate in fundraising and raise the minimum amount required (to be announced at Meet & Greets).  We only require the deposit for the first TWO players in a family that includes 2 or more children participating.


For information regarding Coaches, or Commissioners please view those pages for their email and contact information.

To register your child for In House please see the Registration page.

For a schedule of the In House games, please visit the Schedule page.