Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does a specific event occur (i.e. picture day, evals, Meet & Greet, etc.)?

A:  Click Here to view the full event calendar.

Q: When does the 2024 Rec season start?

A: First games are 4/10. Opening Day on 4/14.

Q: When does the Rec season end?

A: Check back later on details about the 2023 season schedule. That is when the end of season tournament is completed for those divisions (1st through 5th/6th Grade) that participate in the tournament. ** Note: The season could be extended a few additional days due to weather delays.

Q: Which players attend evaluations?

A: Evaluations are only for players in the 2nd Grade division and above. We evaluate players so that coaches can draft more balanced teams. Drafts are only for 2nd Grade and above.

Q: Who should attend the Coaches Meeting/Draft?

A: Only coaches who have been selected to coach a team attend the coaches meeting and draft.

Q: Who should attend Meet & Greet?

A: For the 2024 Season, check our Calendar which has the meet & greet times.

Q: When do practices start?

A: Coaches are free to start practicing with their teams immediately after the Meet & Greet.

Q: When does my team practice?

A: Each team is provided a specific day, time and location when they can practice during the week (Mon-Fri).  This is provided after the team Meet 'n Greets, the week of 3/18. For 3-4 Year Old T-Ball through 2nd Grade, teams practice one day per week. For 3rd through 5th/6th Grade, teams may practice twice per week. ** Coaches have the discretion to alter the practice schedule (day, times, frequency, etc.) and typically work with parents to determine the best practice time(s).

Q: Where are practices held?

A: Teams will practice at various locations around Noblesville. We utilize the elementary school diamonds and open grass areas. We also utilize the front grass area at Hazel Dell Elementary school and also the NYB overflow parking lot. Coaches select their desired practice location before the schedule is announced and can request location/day/time changes as needed.

Q: What baseball equipment does my player need?

A: Each player will need a baseball glove. A bat is recommended, but not required as a player can usually borrow someone else's bat during the game. A batting helmet is not required, but encouraged as we try to limit shared equipment. NYB provides a gear bag to each coach that includes catcher's gear, batting helmets (as needed) and baseballs.

Q: What clothing/uniform does my player need for spring/summer baseball?

A: For spring/summer baseball, NYB provides the shirt (jersey) and hat as part of the registration fee. Players will need baseball pants and baseball cleats or tennis shoes (if preferred). Some coaches like players to wear matching pants and therefore it's important to ask your players coach what color pants to purchase.

Q: What clothing/uniform does my player need for FALL baseball?

A: For fall baseball, NYB provides the shirt (jersey) as part of the registration fee. Players will need to wear a hat (usually their spring/summer hat), baseball pants and baseball cleats or tennis shoes (if preferred).

Q: When are games (days)?

A: Each team will play between 14-16 regular season games. This number is dependent on the # of teams in each specific division. Teams will typically play one game during the week and one game on the weekend. See the table below for when Rec games will be held. We only schedule games on Sunday if we need too depending on field availability and weather issues. If games are scheduled on a Sunday, they will not start before noon. ** This is subject to change as the schedule is created/modified.

Q: What TIMES are games scheduled?

A: This varies depending on the Division (age/grade). However, below is the approximate game times for each age division. When school is in session, our goal is to complete weekday games as early as possible. Once school is out of session, we schedule games to run a little later. We always play the younger divisions first.

       * Typical game times for each division - this is for example only and subject to change


Q: Where are the games played?

A: All games are at the NYB Field of Dreams facility. NYB is located behind Hazel Dell Elementary school on SR 32.

Address: 3025 Westfield Road, Noblesville, IN 46062 (Link to Google Maps)

Directions: Enter the school parking lot and head East, at the end of the parking lot (in front of the High School baseball field), head south, you will pass the school and then enter the NYB parking lot.

Q: When will the game schedule be released?

A: We cannot create the game schedule until we get closer to the start of the season and know how many teams will be in each division. Our goal is to have the game schedule announced by the Meet & Greet but this may not be possible.

Q: What ages/grades participate in the end of season tournament?

A: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade and 5th/6th Grade

Q: When is the end of season tournament?

A: The tournament start date will be determined once the master schedule is created. The goal is to start the tournament the week of June 5th and end no later than June 15th. ** Note: Due to weather/scheduling issues, it may be necessary to schedule games after June 19th.

Q: What is the difference between T-Ball, Coach Pitch and Player Pitch?

A: T-Ball is for 3 through 4 year olds. They hit off a Tee. Coach Pitch is 5 year old through 2nd Grade. Coaches pitch to the players. In 5 Year Old and Kindergarten, a Tee is brought out of the player doesn't hit the ball after 4 pitches. 3rd Grade through 5th/6th Grade is player pitch.

Q: Where are the rules published?

A: The rules are updated each spring (if needed) and published here:

Q: Can I request siblings be placed on the same team?

A: Yes, if the siblings are in the same Division (age/grade), send an email to and we will be sure they are placed on the same team. ** They must be in the same Division. Additionally, this only applies to NON-Draft Leagues.

Q: Can I request my son or daughters friend be placed on the same team?

A: You can request player pairings, but we cannot guarantee it will be possible. Also, for 2nd Grade and above, we cannot honor player pairing requests as those teams are drafted by coaches and we will not force a coach to select specific players.

Q: Can I request my player be placed on a specific coaches team?

A: You can request your player be placed on a specific team (with a specific coach) but we cannot guarantee it will be possible.  Also, for 2nd Grade and above, we cannot honor player pairing requests as those teams are drafted by coaches and we will not force a coach to select specific players.

Q: What is Rec Plus (formerly Part-Time Travel)?

A: Rec Plus is an extension of the regular Rec season and provides an opportunity for players who are looking for a little higher level of competition and additional games. Each Rec Plus team is formed early in the season, they will practice together and then participate in Travel Tournaments held at NYB or at nearby (central Indiana) locations. Rec Plus gives players and parents an opportunity to see what "travel" baseball is all about without a full-time travel commitment.

Q: Why do I have to pay a Concession Stand Deposit?

A: As you know, NYB is a non-profit organization. We have very tight budget and in order to keep the cost of Rec baseball low (has not increased from $50 for many years), we require each family to work one 2-hour shift in the concession stand sometime during the season for each player registered. The deposit allows a family to chose whether or not to work the shift. If they chose to work the shift, the money is reimbursed. If they chose not to work the shift, the money is used to pay for an employee to work those hours.

Q: Why do I have to pay a Fundraising deposit?

A: Over the years, we have realized that many organizations are asking their families to participate in fundraisers to raise money for the programs. Due to the sheer number of organizations raising money around Noblesville, it can be very difficult to effectively raise money (sell fundraisers). Therefore, NYB implemented a fundraising deposit. This allows families to chose whether or not they want to participate in NYB's fundraiser for the year. If the family decides to participate, and raises a specific minimum amount of money, their deposit is reimbursed. In fact, there are tiers where if a family raises a lot of money in the fundraiser, they can even pay for their entire season fees! Some families chose to not participate in fundraising at all, and the deposit covers them.

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